Application to Camp with SSV

The application to camp with Sacred Spaces is now open! Read through the site to learn camper and future registration requirements and then click the "application" button to the right. Also, join us on Twitter @ssvburningman or on Facebook at Sacred Spaces Village.


Sacred Spaces Village is…

  • a prominent theme camp on the playa; a sanctuary in the dust for those who seek community and enrichment.

  • a community first and formemost co-created by an eclectic group of wonderers, healers, visionaries, and curious spirits with diverse backgrounds, who assist in striking a balance of sacred energy and collective effervescence across the Playa.

  • a tribute to ancient religious practices that have led to the ascension of humanity through the ages. Inspired by vehicles of positive spiritual progress, The Sacred Spaces community serves to build each other up through contemplation, devotional service and art creation.